Communication is the main theme for rJp!

Our key points are words that begin with “R”. “Reach, Rank, Research and Recognize” to name a few. As “Japanese People” will be our focus and Japan will be our stage, and we have selected the name rJp. Our purpose is to introduce Japan to the world and help businesses understand the country and benefits within Japan.

rJp has been helping many foreign companies localizing to Japanese market; especially, in the field of Marketing Communications. Since we are strong at helping small to middle-size companies, we know the needs of companies that have just entered Japan.

Company Information

rJp Marketing Communications Co.,Ltd..

Umeda Bldg. 1F   1-1-6  Matsugaya Taitoku, 111-0036 Tokyo.

Telephone:81-(0)3-5830-7213  Fax:81-(0)3-5830-7214

About Founder

CEO:Hiro Hishinuma
Hiro has been in the marketing communication field for about 20 years. He has also been a consultant for a US-based communication company until starting rJp Corporation.He graduated from Utah State Univ. Additionally, he studied at Beijing Dying College for one year and half.